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operations Terminated 

Due to the lack of interest in the minecraft server it has been converted to a tekkit server  get the technic launcher 

Fully set up spawns completed in creative peaceful and safe world (spawn)

I highly recommend you get the technic launcher as well as the play minecraft launcher as we are working in with Australian Tekkit Servers not to mention that you can play technic that will give you something to do while waiting for the server to get setup.


Early testing will be using a white list read daily updates for more information

play Minecraft
Play Minecraft with spears testing this works great


We will not play minecraft on this configeration now but on 1.4.6 as stated above  The server is up and running on CraftBukkit 1.4.5.R10 stable release and will remain on this build until the next stable release is available.
This is going to be a relatively simple Minecraft server to play on I highly recommend you learn the basics of  the grief prevention plugin before building and remember your first chest is auto protected use a stick to examine claims and a golden shovel to resise / make new claims you will get 300 claim blocks at the start and that number will grow as time goes by 100 blocks per hour on the server.
We will have an economy shops (built by players) and a few other tweaks such as lava furnace star gates 3 extra worlds
You don’t need to use the economy if you don’t wish to as land allocation is is increased by time playing


The new Minecraft server is being tested but I am interested in what plugins people want used we will definitely be using grief prevention
I Have found a good home for us top quality Australian hosting will be able to run things without a problem I can hardly wait until the new server is up and running

I have tested the first and second Minecraft servers and was not happy with the results so it’s back to the drawing board but getting close some of the plugins that I would like to use are discontinued and will not work with the latest build
I played devbuild  1.4.5-R0.3 but it spat a lot of errors out and some plugins didn’t work at all but the build has been updated so I’m giving it another run

Some good news is that Matt from Australian Tekkit servers may lend Play minecraft a hand with some of the multiverse and world generation stuff that is needed.
I have set up the worlds I tried many world generators but many introduce problems into the game so when we play minecraft it was giving errors and biomes weren’t generating correctly

So leave suggestions and comments at the bottom of the page or no the play minecraft forum

Have you ever heard about the game Minecraft, but never really knew what it was? Perhaps you have had friends play Minecraft, and maybe even ask you to get in on the action. You have made the right decision to do a little research on the game before you go out to buy and play Minecraft yourself, but we are positive you won’t be disappointed. Let us give you a little insight as to what Minecraft is about.

Play Minecraft Starting Out

Minecraft is a block-based game that starts you off at a random spawn point that could be placed in one of many different ecosystems. You are given absolutely no tools at all and must work from the ground up, almost literally. Your character must start off by developing wood tools so that you can get more difficult blocks, such as stone and iron.

To get your first wooden tools you must go up to a tree and continue to punch it until a block breaks off. This will give you a wooden block that can be turned into wooden planks, allowing you to create your first tools. You will need multiple wooden blocks to make enough planks to craft some tools, but you will figure this out once you get going with the game.

Play Minecraft servers online the Game

Now that you know the very basics of the game, such as gathering basic materials and moving around, it is time to build your first house. Of course, you can do whatever you want to since this is a sandbox type of game, but there is a reason that most people choose to build a house as quickly as possible.
You see, as soon as the sun goes down the game becomes a little harder. Monsters begin to spawn around you in all the dark corners of your area, and they aren’t there to play. In fact, their main objective is to kill you, which will throw all of your belongings on the ground and take away your experience, forcing you to either find where you died or start over and play minecraft from scratch. A house will protect you from these monsters, keeping you safe until the sun rises again in the morning.

Crafting Items

You should have some materials saved up by this point, which will allow you to craft more advanced items. Minecraft has literally hundreds of items that you can create when you play minecraft from doors to portals to another dimension! It would take too long to go through and tell you how to make each item, but a quick Google search should provide you with a list of things that you can create to shape your world.

Play Minecraft PvP

If you do decide to play Minecraft, you may be interested to know that you can actually pvp with other players online. Just type in the server information — available on our website — into the multiplayer server screen, and you can compete against a ton of other players in a survival-type situation! It is a whole new way to pvp, so play minecraft and enjoy.

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Videos relating to plugins

How to use basic grief prevention use a stick to examine claims and a golden shovel to resise/make new claims


Star gates is working really well


Play Minecraft Plugins

Craft Bay

Craft Book

Magic Chest

Magic Spells

Mine Bans

Mob Bounty

More Physics

Pick up Arrows

Quick House

Repair Recipe

Star Gate

Tree Assist

Xp Shop

Donation System

In the near future we will have a donation system but instead of getting more privileges on the minecraft server you will be able to set up your own minecraft server to play on as well as get full membership on a tekkit server.

You will be able to setup your own whitelists it will use a web based interface that will enable you to upload plugins configure plugins start stop restart the server op players 


First test will still need to restart from time to time

Not fully setup yet still more worlds to be put in and plugins to added and configured 

hope it don’t crash all the time 

world = peaceful no pvp
cworld = creative no pvp
skylands =pvp mobs



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